Chin Augmentation

A well defines Jawline structure is the cornerstone of a balanced attractive fac, male or female. By placing a custom fit chin implant, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can add strength to a weak or recessed chin, improving facial harmony. As you know the chin is an essential aspect of the face, and a person may desire a chin implant to achieve a more defined or prominent contour of the chin to improve his or her appearance.

Those with larger noses often choose chin implant surgery as a way to provide better facial balance and those that have perhaps treated their chins with temporary injectable Hyaluronic Acid in the past, may be looking for a more permanent solution.

Prof. Dr Nauman Gill offers chin implants (augmentation) to his patients from his laser praxis clinic to those wishing to change the shape of their chins. Not only for cosmetic reasons, some may wish to undergo chin implant surgery to correct a birth defect or damage following an accident. Surgery to correct bite problems can also be performed during chin implant surgery.

Chin Augmentation


Prior to any surgical procedure, Prof Dr Nauman Gill will conduct a full consultation with you to determine whether you are suitable for this procedure. He will discuss your concerns, goals and the expected results and will also examine your medical history in order to ensure you are not only physically fit for surgery, but that you are emotionally healthy to make an informed decision to proceed.



Prior to surgery you will have a complete examination taken of your face and chin. During the surgery, a cut is made, either inside the mouth or outside, under the chin. A pocket is created in front of the chin bone and under the muscles and an implant is placed inside. Dr Nauman Gill may use your own bone or fat tissue. The implant is usually attached to the bone with stitches or screws. Stitches are used to close the surgical cut. When the cut is inside the mouth, the scar can barely be seen.


Depending on the method of Dr Nauman Gill chooses to take with your individual concern; you may either have a local or general anesthetic. You will be advised prior to the surgery, which option will be relevant and you will also be advised on what to do on the day.


The procedure will take between 1-3 hours, but you will be advised on a more accurate time frame, prior to your surgery. You will also need to consider a period of consultation prior to surgery and some recovery time post op.


As chin augmentation is an invasive surgical procedure, you will see results straight away, however, there will be a period of swelling and bruising which will you will need to allow to go down before you see the exacting results and you will be wearing dressings for a few days following your operation. This can take anything up to 4 to 6 weeks and Dr Nauman Gill will advise on sensible aftercare so that you can aid your own healing. This will consist of resting for up to a week or so following the procedure.

chin augmentation

What to Expect After Chin Surgery

  • Immediately after surgery, the surgeon usually applies a dressing that will remain in place for two to three days. The person will experience some tenderness, and the surgeon will prescribe medications to help with post-operative discomfort.
  • Chewing will probably be limited immediately after chin surgery, and the person may need to follow a diet of liquids and soft foods for a few days after the procedure. Most patients feel a stretched, tight sensation after the surgery, but this usually subsides in a week.
  • After approximately six weeks, most swelling will be gone, and the person can start to see the results of the procedure. The surgeon may recommend avoiding rigorous activity for the first few weeks after surgery. Normal activity can be resumed after approximately 10 days.


The most common complications of chin augmentation are:
• Bruising
• Swelling

Prof. Dr. Nauman Gill  is a fully qualified and highly experienced consultant plastic surgeon in Pakistan  and offers the highest level of care to all his patients, therefore complications with his surgical procedures are incredibly rare.

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